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what makes this different?

as i was growing up, i often felt like i didn't want to stay in the place where i lived. this feeling is common among kids, but it was the same for me. i wanted to leave and explore new places, to experience them in such detail that others could feel like they were there with me. i became fascinated with photography at a young age and the simple effects it could have on me by taking a photograph of a place i had never been. It would mesmerize me for days and weeks on end.


when I entered school, showcasing travel photography as a focus was rare. only one person was brave enough to pursue it, sadly not myself. despite my best efforts, i focused on something more concrete like documenting and photojournalism. however, my architecture portfolio can tell you that i was always more fascinated by the actual world than the various creatures and their doings.


as i began to travel, my focus and love for looking at the world through a different light became more and more feasible. the work i was taking started flowing in and out of what i truly loved to show the world. 


now, what makes my photography different than taking a plane to wherever and taking a snapshot yourself? i'm not photographing the place that i'm in so you can catch every detail of a world you might never enter. i'm capturing that moment, the shine in a building, the blue of the water, the way the bricks were laid, and the design the sun creates in the windows within them. these are the little things that you might not look for in a one-time stop to everywhere.

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